Chokephana (2512) Co., Ltd.
The company operates more than 25 years in gypsum and anhydrite mining in southern part of Thailand, Suratthani and Nakornsrithammarat provinces strategically located near deep sea ports both Indian Ocean(Krabi province), our port, operated by Southern Port Co.,Ltd. and Pacific Ocean(Suratthani province). It has more than 10 million tons reserves with production capacity approximately 50,000 MT per month or 600,000 MT annually. Our premium gypsum and related products include rock gypsum with various sizes, rock anhydrite, limestone and dolomite. We have been recognized by multinational cement producers for many years.

Chokephana Mining Co.,Ltd.
Established in year 2005 for achieving the group market expansion, It has been applying two new concessions which total reserve for natural gypsum of 10 million tons located in Suratthani province.

Silachai Surasth Co., Ltd.
We have concession for more than 25 years to operate industrial-used rock mining in Suratthani province to serve in many construction sectors such as road construction, rail construction, cement block producer and common infratructure constructions with very highly demanding according to Thailand economic growth nowadays. We also produce dolomite and dolomitic limestone which normally is used a raw material for steel mills. Our capacity is approve 100,000 MT per month or 1,200,000 MT yearly.

Thaksin Dolomite Co.,Ltd.
It was founded in year 2004 by the management vision to value adding the existing dolomitic limestone from Silachai Surat Co.,Ltd. and by the market demand of dolomite products both locally and internationally. We have the plant in Suratthani, producing agricultural dolomite using for balancing water and soil pH and dolomite for industrial use such as steel mills. Our production capacity is about 2,000 – 3,000 MT per month or 24,000 – 36,000 MT yearly.

Uni Mining Co., Ltd.
Limestone and Industrial-Used Rock Mine

Creative Mineral Co., Ltd.
Dolomite and Industrial-Used Rock Mine

39 Silatong Co., Ltd.
Dolomite and Industrial-Used Rock Mine

SOUTHERN GROUP Thailand's leading producer of gypsum, anhydrite, dolomite, limestone, Granite and palm oil