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Surat Thani Green Energy Co., Ltd. (SGEC) — Biomass Power Plant
SGEC is the power plant with capacity of 9.95 MW located in Surathani province. This power plant has used the Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB) of Palm Oil as fuel to generate electricity. SGEC was founded with 900 millions Baht of investment and granted BOI privileges for 8 years.

Firm Contract for 25 years, between SGEC and Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) was signed on 18 October 2005 under a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for Small Power Producers (SPP).
SGEC has been financially supported by Japanese Government via New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) entity responsible for reducing the green-house emission under Kyoto Protocol (Clean Development Mechanism – CDM).

SGEC has commercially operated since September 2007.

Green Alliances Co., Ltd. (GAC) — Bio Diesel Project
With Green Energy booming and Thai government policy support for Bio Diesel, GAC, the Thai-Japanese Joint Venture, is a Bio Diesel production from crude palm oil project. GAC is located in Surathani province with the capacity of 300,000 liters per day or 100,000 metric tons per year. It has an investment of 1,403 million Baht with high technology from Belgium and Italy namely Desmet – Ballestra.

The structure of this large-scaled project consists of every module in the supply chain of Bio Diesel production, from the suppliers of crude palm oil as a major raw material through the buyers of the end product, Bio diesel.

Southern Palm Oil Industry (1993) Co., Ltd. will be responsible for the raw material supply. At the selling end, the “Off -Take” Agreement with the main distributors i.e. PTT, is now already signed as the channels to the customers. GAC will start the construction in March 2008.

Green to Energy Co., Ltd. (G2E) — Biogas Power Plant Project
The company runs a project generating electricity of 1.5 MW from wasted water drained by crude palm oil extraction factory. G2E will sell the electricity to Provincial Electricity Authority (EPA) under VSPP project.

G2E has an investment value of 95 million Baht located in Surathani province. Expected Commercial Operation Date (COD) will be in March 2008. Same as the above mentioned Biomass power plant project, G2E is also eligible for the emissions trading under Kyoto Protocol (Clean Development Mechanism – CDM).

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