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Corporate Profile

Message from CEO President


Dr. Vichak Phongpetra, CEO-President

Master of Professional Accountancy, Georgia State University, USA

Studies Master of Science in Accounting, University of Missouri, Kansas City, USA.

Ph.D Technology Management (Strategy , Finance), Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) , Thailand


Mining and Port Business Group has run the business successfully for more than 40 years on the philosophy of simplicity which emphasizing on the business that is friendly to environment and society and the participation of all involved parties.

Mining and Port Business Group gives priority to working with the community. In 2017, the Group of Companies plans to develop the living condition in order to enhance the standard of living of the people in the nearby community. The Company, in cooperation with related government agencies, plans to support the community in various aspects, for instance, education, health program, public health, security of lives and properties as well as participating in building up a happily-living community.

To ensure the interested persons or the participants that the Group of Companies will run the business with good cooperate governance, the Company has set the organization ethics for everyone in the Company to strictly follow. The Company intends to maintain a sustainable growth of its business as well as taking good care of environment.

Lastly, on behalf of the board of Mining and Port Business Group I would like to express my gratitude to our shareholders, business allies, customers, financial institution, community government agencies and private sectors which take part in the growth of our business. I am also deeply grateful to our management team and staff who devote all their efforts to propel our business toward a great success. All of these have been done by following the business management principle of the late senator Mr. Boonchai Phongpetra. The success of the company would not happen without the support of all concerned parties and I can assure all concerned parties that the company has an intention to run this business with honesty in order to obtain sustainable growth.

Dr.Vichak Phongpetra


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